List of Upcoming Social Events:

22/09/2017A&L Goodbody Davis Events - Davis Events - PROVThe Zurich Room13:00
23/09/2017H - YOUNG MUNSTER - H - YOUNG MUNSTERPitch14:30
23/09/2017A J2s v St Marys - A J2s v St MarysPitch15:00
24/09/2017A- U20s v Marys JP Fanafan - A -U20s v Marys JP FanafanPitch15:00
26/09/2017Zurich - ZurichThe Zurich Room16:00
30/09/2017A - TRINITY - A - TRINITYPitch14:30
30/09/2017J Walsh BDay - J Walsh BDayThe Zurich Room00:00
30/09/2017H J2s v Clontarf - H J2s v ClontarfPitch15:00
01/10/2017A J1s v Dublin University - A - J1s v Dublin University - APitch15:00
01/10/2017A - U20s v TBC JP Fanagan - A - U20s v TBC JP FanaganPitch15:00
05/10/2017AIB RII - AIB RIIThe Zurich Room14:00
06/10/2017IRL v Moldova - IRL v MoldovaPitch00:00
07/10/2017Birr RFC - lunch before the Leinster MatchAcademy Suite/Gym12:00
07/10/2017Leinster v Munster - Leinster v Munster Pitch00:00
08/10/2017H - CORK CON - H - CORK CONPitch14:30
09/10/2017Metro area refs - Metro area refsThe Zurich Room19:30
10/10/2017Zurich Sales Conference - Sales ConferenceThe Zurich Room09:00
11/10/2017Mazars Budget Breakfast - Mazars Budget BreakfastThe Zurich Room00:00
12/10/2017 Aryzta - AryztaThe Zurich Room08:30
13/10/2017Old Treasures - Old TreasuresThe Members Bar19:30
14/10/2017A J2s v Blackrock - A J2s v BlackrockPitch15:00
14/10/2017Prov - U11 parents social evening - Prov - U11 parents social eveningThe Zurich Room00:00
15/10/2017 H J1s v Old Belvo H - J1s v Old Belvo HPitch15:00
16/10/2017AIB Ciaran Boyle - team builder I thinkThe Zurich Room00:00
21/10/2017H J2s v Naas - H J2s v NaasPitch15:00
22/10/2017A J1s x St Marys A - J1s x St Marys APitch15:00
27/10/2017A - MARYS - A - MARYSPitch19:30
01/11/2017Ecumenical Service - Ecumenical ServiceThe Zurich Room19:00
04/11/2017H - GARRYOWEN - H - GARRYOWENPitch14:30
04/11/2017A J2s v Old Belvedere - A J2s v Old BelvederePitch14:30
05/11/2017H J1s v Terenure - J1s v TerenurePitch14:30
05/11/2017Refs Lunch - Prematch lunchThe Zurich Room12:00
07/11/2017Zurich - ZurichThe Zurich Room12:00
08/11/2017Leinster Rugby Coaching Course - Leinster Rugby Coaching CourseThe Zurich Room19:00
08/11/2017Zurich - ZurichThe Zurich Room09:00
09/11/2017Zurich - ZurichThe Zurich Room09:00
09/11/2017U13 Fundrasier Quiz - U13 Fundraiser QuizzThe Zurich Room19:00
10/11/2017Shane C annual dinner - Shane C annual dinnerThe Zurich Room19:00
10/11/2017A - CLONTARF - A - CLONTARFPitch19:30
11/11/2017IRL v South Africa - IRL v South AfricaThe Zurich Room14:30
11/11/2017Grooveyard - GrooveyardDressing Room00:00
12/11/2017A J1s v UCD - A J1s v UCDPitch14:30
12/11/2017H J2s v MU Barnhall - H J2s v MU BarnhallPitch14:30
15/11/2017Leinster Rugby Coaching Course - Leinster Rugby Coaching CourseThe Zurich Room19:00
17/11/2017DIAS Lunch - DIAS LunchThe Zurich Room13:00
18/11/2017IRL v Fiji - IRL v FijiThe Zurich Room17:30
18/11/2017A J2s v Greystones - A J2s v GreystonesPitch14:00
18/11/2017Grooveyard - GrooveyardDressing Room00:00
22/11/2017Leinster Rugby Coaching Course - Leinster Rugby Coaching CourseThe Zurich Room19:00
24/11/2017Marian PPU Dinner - Marian PPU DinnerThe Zurich Room19:00
24/11/2017H - TERENURE - H - TERENUREPitch19:30
25/11/2017IRl v Argentina - IRl v ArgentinaThe Zurich Room17:30
25/11/2017Grooveyard - GrooveyardDressing Room00:00
26/11/2017H J1s v Clontarf - H J1s v ClontarfPitch14:30
29/11/2017Leinster Rugby Coaching Course - Leinster Rugby Coaching CourseThe Zurich Room19:00
02/12/2017A - UCD - A - UCDPitch14:30
02/12/2017H J2s v St Marys - H J2s v St MarysPitch14:00
03/12/2017A J1s v Old Wesley - A J1s v Old WesleyPitch14:30
07/12/2017AIB Christmas Party - AIB Christmas PartyThe Members Bar00:00
08/12/2017Tesco Christmas Party - Tesco Christmas PartyThe Zurich Room00:00
09/12/2017H - UCD - H - UCDPitch14:30
09/12/2017PROV - LThomas - PROV - LThomasThe Zurich Room00:00
09/12/2017A J2s v Clontarf - A J2s v ClontarfPitch14:00
10/12/2017H J1s v Dublin University - H J1s v Dublin UniversityPitch14:00
14/12/2017Zurich - ZurichThe Zurich Room09:30
14/12/2017PROV - Unilever - PROV - UnileverThe Members Bar00:00
15/12/2017Crumlin Christmas Party - Christmas partyThe Members Bar20:00
16/12/2017Leinster v Exeter - Leinster v ExeterPitch00:00
06/01/2018H - CLONTARF - H - CLONTARFPitch14:30
13/01/2018H J2s v Blackrock - H J2s v BlackrockPitch14:30
14/01/2018A J1s v Old Belvo - A J1s v Old BelvoPitch14:30
27/01/2018A - TERENURE - A - TERENUREPitch14:30
03/02/2018A - GARRYOWEN - A - GARRYOWENPitch14:30
04/02/2018H J1s v Marys - H J1s v MarysPitch15:00
04/02/2018A J2s v Naas - A J2s v NaasPitch15:00
09/02/2018Gonzaga Union Lunch - Gonzaga Union LunchThe Zurich Room14:00
10/02/2018IRL V ITALY - IRL V ITALYThe Zurich Room14:00
16/02/2018H - MARYS - H - MARYSPitch19:30
17/02/2018H J2s v Old Wesley - H J2s v Old WesleyPitch15:00
24/02/2018IRL V WALES - IRL V WALESThe Zurich Room14:00
25/02/2018A J1s v Terenure - A J1s v TerenurePitch15:00
03/03/2018A - CORK CON - A - CORK CONPitch14:30
04/03/2018H J1s v UCD - H J1s v UCDPitch15:00
04/03/2018A J2s v MU Barnhall - A J2s v MU BarnhallPitch15:00
10/03/2018IRL V SCOTLAND - IRL V SCOTLANDThe Zurich Room14:00
11/03/2018A J1s v Clontarf - A J1s v ClontarfPitch15:00
11/03/2018H J2s v Greystones - H J2s v GreystonesPitch15:00
23/03/2018H - TRINITY - H - TRINITYPitch19:30
07/04/2018A - YOUNG MUNSTER - A - YOUNG MUNSTERPitch14:30
14/04/2018H - BUCCANEERS - H - BUCCANEERSPitch14:30
14/04/2018LFC ANNUAL DINNER - LFC ANNUAL DINNERThe Members Bar00:00
28/04/2018PROV - AIL - PROV - AILPitch14:00
05/05/2018PROV - AIL - PROV - AILPitch14:00
19/05/2018Legal & Finance Rugby Network - Legal & Finance Rugby NetworkThe Members Bar08:00
19/05/2018Legal & Finance Rugby Network - Legal & Finance Rugby NetworkAcademy Suite/Gym08:00
19/05/2018Legal & Finance Rugby Network - Legal & Finance Rugby NetworkPitch08:00
19/05/2018Legal & Finance Rugby Network - Legal & Finance Rugby NetworkThe Zurich Room08:00
08/06/2018Goodbody Stockbrokers - soccer tournament and annual staff BBQThe Members Bar16:00
08/06/2018Goodbody Stockbrokers - soccer tournament and annual staff BBQThe Members Bar16:00
19/08/2018Refs Conference - Refs ConferenceThe Zurich Room09:00